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Awakening in the depth of hell, you ponder as to why you are here. Being a wandering soul is not what you wish to be for the eternity ahead of you. No, what you wish is to seek redemption for your sins.


To obtain your redemption, you must prove that you are not a sinner. Throughout the game, you will have to watch your gauge of sin. If it gets too high, you will not be forgiven.




Since Envy is the first level, it had to be simple so players could get used to the controls and the game concept.

To proceed to the next level, the player has to choose between two chests, one golden filled to the brim with treasures or an old wooden one.

If the player chooses the old chest, they will open the portal for the next level, but if they chose the chest filled with gold, his gauge of sin would increase.


Now that the player knows how to move and interact with the environment, we can introduce a new mechanic to spice things up.

After interacting with a magical stone, the player is granted the power to possess objects. This power can be used to lure starving demons to an even bigger demon that will eat them.

If the starving demons catch the player, they must possess another piece of meat and start again. Every time the player fails, their sin increase. Once the big demon is satiated, the portal opens.


Only a couple of seconds after crossing the portal to another depth of hell, the player have to run away from a succubus.

If she were to catch the player, they would have to struggle to get out of her grasp. Once the player triggers three pressure plates, they can lure the demon into a trap and escape through the portal.

Every time the succubus catch the player, their level of sin increase.


After speaking with a familiar skeleton, the player unlock a new power. This power can freeze enemies for a few seconds.

To proceed to the next level, the player needs to collect four fragments of a gem. Once all the fragments are collected, the portal open.

Leaving without giving back the gem raises the gauge of sin.


Using your newly acquired power, you can take control of a mighty demon. Taking control of this beast gives you power that no other demons can match.

The player would then reach an imposing statue that tasks them to protect it, every demon that manages to reach the statue increase the level of sin.

Once the attack stop, the player can use the portal and continue on their journey.


After defeating all these demons, the player must face yet another challenge, one of patience.

In this level, the player movement is slower than usual, and every shortcut that they take raises their sinner level.

To reach their goal, the player must walk the entire path shown on the stone.


The last obstacle that the player must face is their pride. Each statue gives a hint for the next challenge ahead of him.

The player must answers carefully if he wishes to have his redemption.

If the player answers correctly, their level of sin will decrease, but if they answer incorrectly, their level of sin will arise. There is a third option that will not affect the sin level.

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UI designer

Game designer

Lead programmer





Rédemption is a game made with Unity and intended for Windows PC. The player takes control of a wandering soul trap in hell, and the only way to have is redemption is to beat the seven levels, one for each deadly sin.

My role in this project was to help design the levels and create the user interface (UI) and program five of the seven levels. These levels are envy, gluttony, lust, greed and sloth.

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