Strictement Professionnel

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As a professional, you take on all kinds of contracts, but more often than not the goal is the same. Eliminate a target, the better you do the better the cut is.


If you want to make it far in this business you have to be quick and efficient. Following the orders of your client and making sure that he is satisfied is all you need to care about.


Design choices

My main objective with this project was to develop a game on a phone and since phones have different kinds of features built-in I decide to also make use of the gyroscope and accelerometer.

My idea was to use the phone as a way to look around in the virtual space. I liked the idea of turning constantly and trying to find something so I started from there.

I constructed a tiny floating city in the sky where ships and vehicles would move around. The player would have to find a small target in this environment using only tiny pictures as a hint.

I placed the character on the roof of a building in the center of the city, but I wasn’t pleased with this because the player was restrained to a tiny view of the city. Since I wanted the controls to focus on the motion of the gyroscope I didn’t want to add motion control. Instead, I opted for a waypoint that when you look at it you could move to its position.

Now that the player could move around the corners of the roof I had to give him a reason to do so. So I placed a bunch of drones that would move around the city. The contract would then tell the player which drones to take down. This process was randomized so that the game could be replayed a little. I also added a way to zoom even more because some drones were going so far away from the player that it would be nearly impossible to shoot them precisely.

Finally, I added some narrations to make the game more enjoyable and tied everything together.

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Strictement Professionnel


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Strictement Professionnel is a game made with Unity and intended for android devices. The player takes control of a professional, a hired problem solver. To complete his contract, the player must destroy his targets. If the time runs out the contract is failed.

Strictement Professionnel is a solo project I did to learn the process of making a game on mobile devices and to learn how to use gyroscope and accelerometer.

All of the 3D models used are free assets from the Unity Assets Store.