Neon Gen

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In this new broadcast, we present to you Neon Gen! Tiny cute robots trying to sabotage the other in order to win nothing but a simple victory screen with their colour.


In order to win, you must have the least death, but it won’t be simple since the other player and the environment is trying to get rid of you. Just remember that your controls will get switch up often, so don’t bother memorizing it.


My Contribution

I was task with overseeing the game and making sure that it was playable. Since I already had prior experience making a character controller for a 3D sidescroller game, I was the one who would make the character controller. I had to make the system that would change the inputs of each player, create the animation blueprint to rotate the upper body only based on where you aim and finally make the shooting mechanic. Another responsibility I had was to create the UI and make it change based on what’s going on in during the game, I would also help my other teammates if they had a problem with their blueprints.

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Neon Gen


Game designer

Lead programmer

UI designer


Unreal Engine 4



Neon Gen was a game made during the UQAT GameJam in early January 2020. In under 48 hours, we had to create a game where the theme was: generation. Naturally, we decided to create a game where your inputs would change randomly every time you would get hit by an enemy projectile.

We also had a constraint, our game could only have 4 colours, but this mere constraint was no challenge for our artists. They made an incredible job and earn the prize for the best art direction.

Once the theme was revealed, we started to throw around a couple of ideas relating to generation. One of them was to generate new inputs for the player, it only took a couple of minutes before everyone knew exactly what we wanted to do. A party game where you have to mess with the controls of your opponent in order to make them fall off the platform. We also added a couple of random events and obstacles that would increase the challenge and force the players to move. Every 15 seconds, a new event would be activated, making it harder and harder for a player to stay alive as the game goes on.

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