My World in a Box

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What happens when a father, who’s normally the dungeon master, let his son finally become the dungeon master of an epic adventure that is so much better than what he has ever done? Well it’s obvious, isn’t it? It makes an awesome adventure!


Come on dad you know how it works, you always make the rules, I shouldn’t have to explain them… Fine! If you want to win it’s very simple. All you have to do is to reach the throne room and defeat the last enemies. Do that and you’ll win something special!


My Contribution

As the technical game designer and lead programmer, my goal was to make sure that the work my teammates would do wouldn’t break the project once it was added to the core. To reach this goal, I would help the others by showing the basis of some of their tasks and explain how we would implement it. Sometimes I would help them with bugs and whatnot, but I would mostly work on the foundation of the game. What I mean by this is that I would create the variables that their scripts would use, clean their implemented features and the project in general and if need be optimize functions and behaviours.

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My World in a Box


Technical game designer

Lead programmer





My World in a Box is a group project made over two months with friends. During our last

semester, we had the opportunity to work full time on a school project or make

another project on the side and being part-time on both projects.

We decided to make a roguelike game mix with some role-playing game elements and turn-based combat. The goal was to have random characters generated for the player where he could choose which one to use and which one to sacrifice to heal or upgrade his other heroes. If the team was composed of a trio of the same class or shape, the team would have a passive bonus based on which one it is. The encounters with the enemies would also be randomized, changing their number and the type they are. Lastly, every couple of rooms, the player could use a merchant to change one of his unit class or shape. The only way for him to win a new hero is to win a fight and spin the wheel of destiny which would give him one random hero.

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