Somny & Yawn : Dream Detectives

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Both players play as Somny & Yawn, two detectives who investigate the nightmare that invades the Islands of Dreams. With his sharp eyesight, Somny can find clues spread across the islands, while Yawn, thanks to her exceptional social skills, can discover the secrets of the inhabitants.


To progress in their cases, Somny & Yawn need to use their respective skills to solve puzzles. Find clues as Somny spread across the environment while Yawn interrogates the inhabitants. Both characters must help each other out!


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My Contribution

Since Somny & Yawn: Dream Detectives was the final project of are BAC, we could only work on things related to our major. Thanks to my major, I was mainly working on Somny the character that roams the 3D environment and finds clues. I was task to make the character controller enjoyable to use, but not only limited to the controls it also meant every interaction possible for the character. To make a nice experience for the player I created assets that designers could simply drag and drop in the world to add flavours to it.

Another important task I had was to help with the implementation of our cinematics in the game and the setup for some specifics shots we wanted for the trailers. Whenever someone needed help with something related to these responsibilities I was the one they sought for guidance.

Lastly, I would test all the assets I conceived and made sure they operate properly by testing them extensively. Once all of the scenarios that came to my mind worked. I would then send them to my team and wait for additional feedback and work on a different job.

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Somny & Yawn : Dream Detectives



Technical game designer


QA Tester


Unreal Engine 4



In Somny & Yawn: Dream Detectives, a cooperative investigation game with a unique twist, follow the adventures of Sandmen Somny & Yawn. Both players control a unique character with their very own set of skills. Somny, the tall blue lad, explores the dreamy environments to find clues while Yawn, the little red gal, interrogates the colourful inhabitants of the Islands of Dreams. While Somny progresses in a 3D space, Yawn leads her interrogations in a 2D display akin to visual novels.

Somny & Yawn: Dream Detectives is a fun cooperative game for all. The game offers a unique way of cooperation for the two players. As Somny finds clues to give Yawn more information to interrogate the potential suspects, Yawn learns of new areas for Somny to explore and so on.

Team members

Sound Designers (UdeM)

Laurianne Bézier

Francis Brûlé

Anthony Dubeau

Yejin Kwon

Marc Legault

Aka Lemonhead

Alexandre Tessier

Emilia Vercauteren

André-Gabriel Vermorel

Josselin Viricel